Author :: Paul D Hurrion and Robert D Hurrion
Date :: Sun 02/20/2011 @ 01:17

ABSTRACT:  This study examined the set-up position of 30 elite PGA professional golfers (2006-07 Season), in comparison with 30 amateur golfers (Handicap +3 to 9) while attempting the same putt of 25ft on a flat surface with a stimpmeter reading of 12. Video analysis at 50 frames per second was used to record kinematic parameters of the golfers’ set-up and posture. Thirty PGA European Tour professionals and 30 amateur golfers performed their typical putting action whilst standing on an RSscan International 1.0 m x 0.4 m pressure platform. They used their own personal putter. The main difference between the amateur and professional golfers was in set-up. This was found to be significant with amateurs’ weight distribution approximately 60% Right – 40% Left whilst the Professional Group was much closer to 50% on both sides at set-up. Student’s t-test was used to compare the group means for each parameter with a level of significance set at p<0.05. There is a trend to suggest that the wider the stance, the smaller the centre of pressure movement (sway) during the putting stroke. Although there was no significant difference in stance width, there was a significant difference in the total amount of sway, between the two groups of golfers.

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