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Bio – Mechanics of Putting

Author :: Paul Hurrion
Date :: Sun 02/20/2023 @ 01:58

Paul Hurrion is a Biomechanics expert from England that specialises in putting, he is Padraig Harrington’s long time putting coach as well as coaching Rory Macilroy for a number of years and many other tour players.

The common golf biomechanics principles necessary to understand golf technique are stability, Newton’s laws of motion (inertia, acceleration, action reaction), lever arms, conservation of angular momentum, projectiles, the kinetic link principle and the stretch-shorten cycle.

The physics of putting

Author :: A.R. Penner
Date :: Sun 02/20/2011 @ 01:58

Whether it be first-time golfers at a pitch and putt or professional golfers playing a regulation 18-holecourse, putting is the most common stroke in the game of golf. In professional tournaments a crucial puttis typically the most dramatic shot and the saying, “Drive for show, putt for dough”, has been validatedmany a time. The goal of this paper is to look at some of the physics of putting and to determine thelaunch conditions required for a successful putt.

The Perfect Putt

Author :: Harold Swash
Date :: Thu 04/07/2011 @ 12:36

In the Traditions 2002 issue of The Golfer magazine, Harold Swash describes the key principles of technique he teaches for putting.

Notes on Visual Cortex Retention

Author :: Hans Supèr, PhD
Date :: Sun 02/20/2011 @ 02:15

An afterimage or ghost image is an optical illusion that refers to an image continuing to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. One of the most common afterimages is the bright glow that seems to float before one’s eyes after looking into a light source for a few seconds. The phenomenon of afterimages may be closely related to persistence of vision, which allows a rapid series of pictures to portray motion, which is the basis of animation and cinema.

Geoff Mangum – Putting Zone

Author :: Geoff Mangum
Date :: Sun 02/20/2011 @ 01:45

Five Musts for Great Putting The five “Musts” for great putting are: 1. Tempo, 2. Touch, 3. Targeting, 4. Technique, and 5. Psychology. 

Four Fundamental “Elements” of Putting Skill The four basics of putting are 1. Pick a target, 2. Aim at the target, 3. Putt straight, 4. Putt with distance control (touch).

Gearing Effect – How Putter Loft Works at Impact

Author :: Ralph Maltby
Date :: Sun 02/20/2011 @ 02:24

It is important to understand what happens when the ball is putted.  This helps in the putter fitting process, and ultimately to have golfers put better.

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