The BI 3 Putter - Bio Mechanics

Top down view of Alignment
Top down view of Alignment

Humans move with hinges and levers, however the putting stroke movement  mostly contradicts these natural hinge actions. The BI 3 Putter is specifically designed to promote a stroke based on the hinging of and rotation around, the spine with good weight distribution.      

BALANCE  and  STABILITY along with CONSISTENT SET UP position are proven elements for Precision Putting.

The BI 3 putter includes features to enhance this process:

  • Flat sole that sits on the green in a fixed position
  • Special shaped sole that promotes the correct stroke
  • Fixed lie angles forces consistent balanced set up both left/right and heel/toe
  • Special grip that promotes consistent connection to the putter
  • A set up that promotes a Pendulum stroke following the spines hinge with anti-sway
  • BI 3 set up to the correct elements of bio-mechanics promotes repeatable stroke
  • The BI 3  “optics” connect with the muscles and hinges via the brain to make a loop of visual input and physical output  for a steady controlled acceleration on a consistent stoke plane
  • Specfic BGA grip design can also accommodate variable grip styles and stroke actions and improve consistency in these as well

The BI 3 Putter is designed from extracting all the major components of OPTICS, PHYSICS and BIO-MECHANICS see the research data for more information.

See Research on Weight Distribution here Reference material – Bio-mechanics