BGA - Precision Putting Process

The key elements of the BGA – Precision Putting Process include:

  • The Putt calculation & Putt visualisation 
  • Targeting of variable or bending  Putt line 
  • Alignment is = to the Ball+circular head+hole or target point
  • Self adjustment of loft for (+) positive or (–) negative gearing on ball roll   
  • Lock in the Fixed position, lie and shaft angle
  • Set up to the putter which is now always in the same position relative to Ball and to green 
  • Speed control with soft feel spring face 
  • Consistency with set lie angle and sole base
  • Stroke the BI 3 along the strobe path 
  • Confidence gained from same set up 



1. Set the BI 3 putter on line


2. You set up to the BI 3 putter


3. Judge the speed/power


4. Adjust for + roll or – spin


5. Stroke on the BI 3 strobe line


6. Make the putt

The BI 3 Putter - Precision putting process
The BI 3 Putter - Precision putting process