BI 3 Putter - Optics

Visual Cortex retention of BI 3 Putter Strobe marks
Visual Cortex retention of BI 3 Putter Strobe marks

Our vision is one of the most important elements of the Putting process.  Our brains take in the visual information and use it to determine the putting calculation. The Optical and Physical calculations for Putting are very extensive

To see the support data click here BGA Research Data

The BI 3 putter design features are built in to enhance this visual information utilising the following processes:

  • Humans have binocular (stereo) 3 dimensional sight
  • We use Visual Cortex memory for Putting (see strobing in picture)
  • We align circles much faster and better than straight lines
  • BI 3 Putter head is same size as golf hole wich aids visual short term memory (VSTM)
  • The hole or target point  + ball + putter = 3 circle (BALL) alignment
  • Visual Cortex memory (VCM) enhanced with 2 sets of Strobe marks and the centre bar
  • Promotes a controlled loop of repeat swing tracking and stroke as per our VSTM
  • This connects with our muscles to make  repeatable on line strokes