BI 3 Putter - Physics

The putting calculation and the delivery of a putt needs some elements of physics  to be used.  The BI 3 Putter is designed to help convert all the complexities by using the following features to simplify the whole PUTTING PROCESS:

  • Fixed lie angle means consistent set up & delivery
  • Mallet/arc shape controlled power to face
  • Head weight to match shaft and grip
  • Designed to deliver best impact and roll
  • Face balanced and pendulum balanced
  • Biggest ‘sweet spot’ available to all of face 
  • Spring affect ‘soft feel’ face with preset loft
  • Anti ‘toeing or heeling’ set up sole runners
  • Power pod to deliver balanced energy 
  • Gearing control for positive/negative roll
  • High grade Stainless Steel mix for feel and roll 

Physics data and research information  BGA Research Data


The BI 3 Putter - Fixed lie angles