BI 3 Design Features & User Benefits

Bringing together, 1st class design, leading edge technologies and a lifetime of R&D, the BI 3 Putter represents the very latest thinking in putter development and design.

The BI 3 Putter’s features  and user benefits include the following:

Precision Tool Design

  High tech Cad-design based on traditional golf putter principals and feel. Developed with latest optics, physics and Bio-mechanic inputs.

Face Balanced

  Providing pendulum type weighting to head for smooth balanced on-line Trac-weighting. Improves to maximin the MOI  (Moment of Inertia) and power delivery.

Full Face Sweet Spot


Patented full face sweet spot created by unique non connection of face to the shaft, providing  more consistent delivery and feel.

Loft Adjustment in setup and stance

  In built pivot point  20 mm behind face on the sole plate to allow + & – 2 deg loft variation. providing positive and negative vertical gearing.

3 Pre-Set Lie Angles Right & Left Handed

  A choice of 66, 70, 74 deg Lie angles. One of which  has been shown to suit the user putting posture and ensure consistent lie set up.

Rebound Spring Faced


Resonating Spring Face gives great “FEEL” and consistent speed off the face. The face hold the ball longer to deliver the speed chosen. Also balances the MOI to full control of speed control in putting.

Optical Alignment

  The head is Golf hole size & shaped. The  circular head when Setup behind the ball provides “3D” 3 circle in-line alignment.

Optical Strobe & Visual Cortex retention


The shape and line markings painted on the arcs of the head help to generate a Strobe swing line image through the stroke plane. This visual information feeds directly back to the brain then onto the body for loop image reinforcement.

Patented Shape Mallet Style

  Traditional Mallet shape head fused with a streamlined and structured sole design. Optics, Physics and Bio-Mechanics of putting all combined.

Isolated Shaft and Face

  A detached shaft, the face has a soft feel and disperses controlled energy to the face. Providing the best feel for putting.
This also delivers total Face Balance and FULL FACE  Sweet Spot.

AAA Quality


Professional design and maximum quality control through all phases of production, support the advanced design characteristics.

A1 Multi Metal Mix Carbon Stainless Steel


 A special mix of Stainless Steel is used for “feel” the TT * this model is triple coated (over the Traditional tone anti-glare finish steel colour). The BB version is Black Oxide electro plated on the same Multi Mix Stainless Steel.

CNG Milled Face

  Precision angles of face to ground alignment with precision grooves to assist the ball to roll smoothly and allow the user to engage the gearing effect designed into the putter head.

Square Stroke Runners


Runners built into the sole shape enhance control of “inside or outside” the line putts. They also help set the putter head in place to ensure the correct Lie Angle and the the natural loft setting when the putter is at rest.

Anti-Glare Finish

  Special texture and colour to stop any glare from the sun that could distract the player and help to maximise the solid optical trace images. (The Strobe affect)

Vision ‘V’ Chamfer

  Unique milled angle to the top of the face to maximise vision of the “ball to face” view. This assists in allowing the user to maximise visual feedback for alignment and set up.

Soft Step Stiff Putter Shafts

  High grade modern chrome soft stepped shafts matched to the resonance of the BI 3 head. These are strong and receptive allowing for great feel through the putter and maximising feel and speed control.

Tailored Comfort Grips Colour Coded

  Pistol shaped mid-size grips, colour coded to the 3 lie angles. Standard=(Black) @ 70 º, Flat=(Yellow) @ 66º and  Upright=(Red)@74º. These grips suit all grip styles and most peoples height.

Double Flap Head Covers Colour Coded

  Soft feel padded and colour coded to to match the Lie Angles, double flap pocket style with Velcro. Branded with our Famous logo, other players will know you have a PROTECTED Precision Putting Tool, the BI 3 Putter in your bag  

Australian Design


Over 30 years plus of design history integrated into the BI 3, Pro tested and proven, so far. So Is this the …

“mother of all modern design putters”?

Full Face Sweet Spot
Full Face Sweet Spot
Patented Shape Mallet Style
Patented Shape Mallet Style
Isolated Shaft and Face
Isolated Shaft and Face
Tailored Comfort Grips Colour Coded
Tailored Comfort Grips Colour Coded
Double Flap Head Covers Colour Coded
Double Flap Head Covers Colour Coded