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1983- The BI 1

The history of BGA and the BI 3 Putter

Many years ago, back in the early 1980’s Branding Golf was formed. Born from a need to remedy poor putting in their game the designers looked for anything that would shed light on how to become a better putter!

Several years of research gave rise to the unique “horseshoe mallet” design. The first castings of the Branding Iron, (BI 1) were bronze base metal, cast in sand, then hand finished. These original putters had great feel, face balanced and featured the original use of optical alignment and 3 different fixed lie angles. Upright, medium and flat lie angles to cater for almost all players.

The novel design of the shaft connection at the rear of the head INSTEAD of the usual connection to the face, gives the BGA BI range of putters many advanced putting characteristics and functional features.

Continual development and research since 1983 has seen this original design refined with the latest CAD and 3D virtual technology employed to deliver the latest Branding Iron Putter, the BI 3 to the greens.

2011 - The BI 3