"The Von"
"The Von"

"The Von" Norman Von Nida Patron of the BI Putter

Right from the beginning of the first designs and prototypes “The Von” was interested in the innovative design elements that were being built into the first BI 1

Mr Von Nida had used the Branding Iron Putter since 1984 and soon after became the Patron of the BI 1 version which was “nick named” ‘THE VON’. Norman used the putter even through his years of failing eyesight and painted his BI 2 model bright yellow.

The Von knew a lot about all aspects of golf and used his acute sense of hearing to analyse many players swings and ball striking.

This was also the case with putting and he often remarked on how good the roll of the ball was coming from the BI range of putters, which he assessed from the sound. Always, he was correct with his assessments.

Pros have confirmed his findings then and over all the years that he shared his views. He actively supported current and up and coming players and innovative golf ideas.

BGA maintains the innovation and dedication to design excellence that delivers a true value proposition for golfers everywhere.