BGA Agents who are approved and trained

BGA appoints special Agents to advise and fit the BI 3 putter range.

These Agents are either PGA Touring pros from local Pro Tours or are coaching Pros. Some of the Agents are highly rated amateurs who have the training to be BGA Fitters.

All these Agents have the ability to advise you in the correct BI 3 putter for you.

They can also advise on the BGA putting method.

So you can be assured that there are many approved contacts for you to work with.

See the List of Agents and Locations which can be sorted by location.

Registered Re-Sellers Note

Registered Re-Sellers, Agents and Ambassadors are being progressively added to the lists on each of their pages following.

While these lists of BGA Agents are being expanded you can still use the DIY Lie Angle chart and instructions to select the correct Lie Angle for you.

Should you have a favoured PGA On Course Golf Equipment supplier, you can nominate them to become a Registered Re-Seller by using the Contact Us link here Nominate a New Re-seller ? 

Until your preferred RE-Seller is listed and shown as ‘ACTIVE’ you can make use the Online Store  to acquire a new BI 3 Putter.

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BGA AgentLocationAddressCountry Contact DetailsStatus
Paul Bosa - Pro/CoachEast BrisbaneAustralia0418 151 479Active
Keneth Oung - ProPerth WAAustralia0400 225 219Active
Don Edwards - Pro/CoachNorth BrisbaneAustralia0412 637 493Active