Demonstration Days and BGA Event Schedule

Welcome to the BGA Schedule Page.

Please note: No events are currently scheduled, please check back for future updates to this page.

Here you can see the various Demonstration Days and other BGA Events.

The Demonstration Days will feature:

  • Overview of BGA’s discoveries about the core basics of Putting
  • Overview of the core elements needed for a Putter
  • Overview of the BGA Precision Putting Process
  • Preview of the Fitting process and Lie Angle Chart
  • Presentation of the BI 3 Putter range
  • Quick Fit and trial of a BI 3 Putter suitable for you
  • Overview of BGA Putting Process lessons
  • On site order and purchase opportunities
  • Access to BGA Trained representatives

Are you ready to learn the secrets of PUTTING PERFECTION?

BGA Events Calendar

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