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Humans make complex calculations about the intended line of a putt almost instantly Minimize
Humans make complex calculations almost instantly
Design Concepts - Precision Putting Minimize

Extensive research on the physics, optics and bio-mechanics associated with the action of putting led to major creative design concepts being included in the original Branding Iron Putters. 

When putting, humans have unique capabilities in working out almost automatically the direction and force required to propel a ball at rest, with the goal to have that ball settle into the bottom of a golf hole. This is the ...


        The Putt Calculation


What are the elements of A Putt Calculation?
We take in, via our core senses all the relevant information such as, distance, slopes, length of grass, grain directions, climatic conditions, such as, wet, dry, humidity, wind, temperature, surrounding topography and other areas of influence as they occur. 


This Putt Calculation is complex and mostly achieved sub-consciously.
When the visualisation of a putt, is executed by a BI 3 Putter (with the correct Lie Angle for the user), combined with  the BGA Putting Method, better putting, if not putting perfection is achieved.