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Putting and Putter Concepts Minimize

Putting is the art of applying the

Putt Calculation  with a golfing tool (a putter of some type) using your Putt Visualisation and advancing the golf ball into the golf hole.

BGA putters are specifically designed to help players, putt better. This is achieved in 3 major ways:


  • By providing a Precision Tool to deliver the calculation that the player has worked out, then apply it to the ball with maximum effect  far more consistently.
  • By having the BI 3 putter define the alignment and stance with its unique patented design, special sole shape, applied optics and defined  fixed lie angles,  errors in stance, set-up, and aiming are noteable and correctable.
  • This promotes a consistently superior delivery platform and pendulum stroke action.


The beginning of Better Putting starts from here!


To See what elements make a Precision Tool click here

BI 3 Design Features & User Benefits

The BI 3 Putter - A precision Putting Tool Minimize
The BI 3 Putter - A precision Putting Tool developed using the latest CAD engineering design
Right and Left Hand x 3 fixed Lie Angles Minimize
The BI 3 Putters can be configured for one of 3 left or right handed lie angles, 66deg, 70deg & 74de
Media Minimize
Precision tool has fixed lie angles for left and right hand