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Lie Angle Chart fitting Instructions. See steps below and follow the pictures as shown Minimize

Selecting the correct Lie Angle for you is an important element in becoming a better Putter. If you cannot be fitted by one of our Registered Fitters/Re-Sellers, you can measure the correct Lie Angle at home with the BGA Lie Angle Chart. 

Follow these simple steps:


  • Download and print the Lie Angle Chart. Download Lie Angle Chart 
  • Fix or stand the printed chart to a vertical wall or surface ( set up opposite a  mirror is OK if you have no one to assist)
  • Set up infront of the chart with a putter or similar, either left or right handed
  • Set the bottom of the shaft at the centre bottom point of the chart
  • Keep adjusting your posture and position until very comfortable
  • Repeat this a couple of times
  • Have someone position themselves ''down the line'' and in front of you to see the shaft angle you are settling on, then
  • Compare that shaft angle, against the angles printed on the chart
  • Select the closest angle matching your set up. 66º or  70º or  74º

How to use your Lie Angle Chart. Follow the steps above and repeat several times to average the results for the best Lie Angle Fit. Minimize
Follow the steps above to find the best Lie Angle for you. NB. download chart is A4. Shown is the A1