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Being Fitted for the correct Lie Angle by one of BGA's trained fitters OR choosing the correct Lie Angle with the aid of the BGA Lie Angle Chart is a  VERY IMPORTANT component of Precision Putting.


Being correctly "set up" in a balanced and consistent position relative to the ball and the green is recognised by most Putting Gurus as a CORE PUTTING element.


The best way to ensure that Precision Putting is within your reach, is by having your BI 3 Putter fitted to the correct Lie Angle for you. With the correct Lie Angle you will be able to utilise the BGA Putting Methodology fully and move toward Putting Perfection.   


Learn how to use the Lie Angle Chart:  Using the Lie Angle Chart 

  DOWNLOAD  Lie Angle Chart HERE:  Download Lie Angle Chart  


74 deg UPRIGHT

66 deg FLAT



This player needs a 70 deg BI 3. Minimize
BGA Fitting Chart ...easy to use