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The BI 3 Putter range TT Version Minimize
BI 3 Putter TT Base metal colour and finish
BI 3 colour coded head covers Minimize
Colour Coded Head Covers
BI 3 Putter range. BB version Minimize
BI3 Putter BB Black electroplated oxide finish
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BGA products and BGA stocked items are all listed on this web site in the Online Store Tab or Click here Online Store 


BGA Putters, currently the BI 3 Putter Range can be ordered from :


BGA Online Store  > 


When you order from the On-Line store you will need to have the correct Lie Angle for you ready to enter when requested. The DIY Fitting chart can be downloaded Download Lie Angle Chart  from this site.  PLUS all Sales and Technical Data is available for review. Refer to the TABS  above and the pages listed under them. Online Store


BGA Registered Re-sellers and Professional fitters  > 


These outlets carry DEMONSTRATION putters for fitting and testing. See following pages or Click here  Professional Fitting & Sales


BGA Registered Agents > 


Trained fitters without DEMONSTRATION putters but who have large Fitting Charts. See following pages or Click here BGA Agents 


BGA Registered Ambassadors > 


Trained recommenders who know a lot about the BI 3 Putter. See following pages or Click here BGA Ambassadors


BGA Affiliates>


Business and Web Sites with whom we have an association........To be added progressively.



BGA Training and coaching aids can be ordered in the near future from:



BGA Online Store via the Shopping Cart  


BGA registered Re-sellers and Professional fitters 


BGA registered Agents


BGA registered Ambassadors


BGA Affiliates