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BGA appoints Professional fitters and Re-sellers for the BI 3 putter range.


These professionals are trained in the BGA Fitting methods and can help you choose the correct BI 3 putter.



They are also trained in the BGA Putting Methods and most are licensenced stockists of the BGA Putting Training Program.



BGA Registered Fitters and Re-Sellers  can be found by location ( See List on this page)

Registered Re-Sellers Note Minimize

Registered Re-Sellers, Agents and Ambassadors are being progressively added to the lists on each of their pages following.


While these lists of Re-Sellers are being set up you can still use the DIY Lie Angle chart and instructions to select the correct Lie Angle for you.


Should you have a favoured PGA On Course Golf Equipment supplier, you can nominate them to become a Registered Re-Seller by using the Contact Us link here Nominate a New Re-seller ? 


Untill your prefered RE-Seller is listed and shown as 'ACTIVE' you can make use the On Line store Online Store  to acquire a new BI 3 Putter.

OR You can simply hit the Buy Now button at the bottom of this page

List of registered Re-Sellers. Check/sort by Name and/or location. Double Click on Heading Minimize
Registered Re-Seller: Peregian Springs GC
Contact Person: Wayne Rostron
Location: Peregian Springs Qld
Address: Peregian Springs Drive
Country: Australia
Contact Details: 07 5471 5400
Active: Soon

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