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Branding Golf Australia, engages Registered Re-Sellers, Agents and Ambassadors to represent its products and services. If you believe that someone or yourself has the passion for Putting and the drive to achieve "Putting Perfection" knowledge as a service to help others Putt better then please fill out the Contact form  below. 



When nominating someone else who you would like to Fit, Sell or coach you for BGA products, please fill out as much detail as you can and tell us why you want that nominee to assist you. 


When nominating yourself  to Fit, Sell or coach  BGA products, fill out as much detail as you can and advise us on which category of Re-Seller you think would best suit your situation.


BGA registered Re-sellers and Professional fitters  > These outlets carry DEMONSTRATION  putters on site for fitting and testing, generally an "On Course" Pro Shop or specialist Golf Retailer.


BGA registered Agents > Trained fitters without DEMONSTRATION putters but who have large scale Fitting Charts, generally coaching or Tour Pros. 


BGA registered Ambassadors > Trained recommender's who know a lot about the BI 3 Putter, generally very knowledgeable or top ranking Amateurs. 

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