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See what some of the comments are, about the Branding Golf BI 3 Putter range. 


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Craig Owen 
I have known about the Branding Iron putters for a long time. This is the 3rd version to be produced and this new model is simply one of the best putters you can use. If your technically minded or just putt with "feel" the BI 3 works and helps players to improve all aspects of putting as a aprt of the game.









Darryl Dent          




This putter and the BGA putting method are great. My putting has improved out of sight and  

it forces me into a good routine. Plus the alignment is easy, especially on shorter putts. My handicap has dropped 10 shots since getting my 70 deg BI3 . I even beat the Pro in a putting comp one day!   












Paul Bosa          




I have been using various prototype versions of the Branding Iron BI 3 putter for a period of over 4 years     

(yes I was the crash test dummy, using many different prototypes including a goose neck style). I have been using the Beta production model in Tournament play for over a year. What I found was that that there was an initial period of adjustment needed to using a precision tool, (it took a couple of rounds). My mind finally admitted that what I believed about putting was not the full story to the putting process. What I have discovered and now know for sure is that the putter sits square to the line of the putt, as I have calculated it to be. The BI 3 tracks great along that line and my confidence has soared. Following the principles of Precision Putting as set out by Branding Golf is now second nature and most importantly....  













Rob Carlile          




My putting was always a hit and miss story but my Branding Iron BI 3 upright putter, has given me much greater consistency and control. Following the Precision Putting Process has really made a big improvement. I'm happy to say that, my much better putting helped my team to win the UGC Pro-Am in Hawaii.  












Brett Officer          















David Millar We have 3 BI3' in the family and we all think that the putter is great. Alignment is a major bonus and my putting has improved a lot and my consistency is much better. The sound off the face is great and you know straight away if your strike is perfect or just a little off. The BI 3 still delivers a great roll even with a slightly "off" hit. This putter teaches you as you use it to putt better.  *  

Denis Brosnan          



The BGA designed Putters were way ahead of their time back in the 80's. This new model is even better, an improved design with tons of design features. A really good putter and an excellent putting method.      









John Garland          



I have the 74 deg upright one and find that I can line up quickly and pull the trigger. I play fairly fast and don't like spending too much time on any aspect of the game. Don't use it all the time but go back to it for most games.




Stuart Reese  This putter has been designed with every aspect considered. I sell the product and recommend it to all players. I use one myself on and off but my son uses his LH version all the time. They line up great and roll the ball very well.    *
Mark  Smith   The lining up of this putter is the best thing for me. I find it very easy to set the head on the line I have picked and it puts a great roll on the ball.  *  
Brett Allen      *

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