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By Larry Canning on 15/03/2012 9:18 PM
DAY 1 dawns and if I was a tad nervy during practice than I’m now doing an impersonation of OJ Simpson at a family reunion.

My long standing wife who has been there with me through thin and even thinner is at my side assuring me that I still have on of the best swings in Willow Vale. As soon as we arrive at the course I head straight to the locker room, making sure not to let one rip without the aid if the porcelain safety net. I find a cubicle as far away from everywhere as possible and drop the old duds. Now being 6 feet 4 has it’s advantages and probably none more so than the ability to see over toilet cubicle doors. Just as I’m about to take up the usual posture someone else walks into the toilet opposite me… It’s my wife!

Instincts are a funny thing and when I saw the back of Sandra’s head going into the cubicle opposite, for a split second I didn’t think much of it. I see the back of her head going in and out of doorways every day and yes, usually right after I drop my duds. After my head...
By Larry Canning on 10/03/2012 10:10 AM
I have arranged my practice round with my best mate and former roomy, Chris Hearn and he is waiting for me on the first tee. Whilst Hearny is one of the most underrated strikers of the ball in the country, we have been mates for nearly 35 years, even slept together in a waterbed out in the sticks once. Aah yes, I can remember it clearly….it was a moonlight night in Narabri….Chris in those pale blue shorty pyjamas…me still wearing my footjoy golf shoes because my feet were that bloody cold. Actually Hearny was a chronic sleep walker and he scared the living daylights out of me when I woke up to see him standing on the edge of the waterbed yelling “Women and children first”.

I know Chris is not going to add to my list of intimidators although when he hands his driver to his 11-year-old son Jackson, for a hit on the second tee, I get a tad toey. I have just pumped one out there 200 metres, and if Jackson slips it past me I’ll have to put a hit out on him and his dad and they such nice blokes. Luckily he gets...
By Larry Canning on 7/03/2012 10:01 AM
In my last Blog, I referred the fragility of a 50 Year Old's nerves when attempting to play golf for large sums of money. I started to recall my first experience on the Legends Tour after having not played the Circuit for about 200 years and how I tried to deal with my impending incontinence. Here is part 2….

As I drive into the car park at Concord I recall the advice I received from “Golf Mind Coach” and fellow “Inside Golf” scribe, Matt Howe the day before. “All the great players you’ll come across this week, walk, talk and smell the same as you Larry….they are all just normal people”. With this in mind I walk straight into the pro-shop to buy my yardage book. Who do you reckon is the first bloke I run into? Former Australian Open champion, Rodger Davis. “Larry, how are going…good to see you”. Now if that voice sounds like me…John Laws sounds like Neville Wran. Rodger explains how to get to the registration office and I head there clearing my throat and whispering “Valvoline” over and over to myself.

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