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By Larry Canning on 21/12/2011 7:14 AM

He drinks too much Guinness, he’s a overweight and the nearest he gets to a gym is when he catches up with his mate Jim at the pub. He is also the British Open Champ and my first Highlight choice for 2011. Ohh by the way his name is Darren Clarke….. Never before, have I connected so strongly with a Major Champion. Darren epitomizes the old fashioned Aussie attitude of despite great riches and fame never taking yourself too seriously. Too cap it all off he is Irish and I’m from Irish ancestry….. The only thing I don’t have in common with Darren is my inability to control bodily functions when playing golf for any type of serious cash…. And a certain amount of golfing talent…

By Larry Canning on 18/12/2011 7:59 AM

Yesterday I watched Geoff Ogilvy smooth his way around Victoria Golf Course in a mere 63 hits. He eagled the first, birdied the second and then went on the most serene run of birdies I have ever seen. This guy is cooler than Fred Couples, Phil Mickelson and Samuel L Jackson all rolled into one. Geoff is my new “Cool Hero”. I’m not letting him out of my sight today for the final round… Thats if he doesn’t take out an AVO on me  

By Larry Canning on 13/12/2011 9:03 AM
I’m a big Luke Donald fan (in an adult, blokey sought of way of course)and I have to say am looking forward to meeting him this week at Victoria Golf Club for the Aussie Masters. When I say “meeting him” it will be in the presence of about 100 other media people at Aussie Masters and what’s more, I probably wont get a single word in.

Over the last 2 years, the elegant Englishman has played better than anyone else on the planet and thoroughly deserves his number one ranking despite what a lot of people might suggest. The fact that he is yet to take a major doesn't and shouldn't detract form the fact he is consistently beating “them” more than “they” are beating him. there longer hitters, more exciting stroke makers and bigger characters on the tour but when you put everything you need to be very good at and role it into one bloke, there is no-one better.

I just hope the Aussie journo’s don't hit him with the same question he frequently is hammered with in the States regarding the legitimacy of his...
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