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BGA Putters have been in the News for a long time. Some of the earlier articles and items of interest are shown below.


Following the Release of the BI 3 Putter,  as new articles and items are published they will be inserted on  this page. 

Click on the image thumbnails below to view the articles in more detail.

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BGA Press Clippings

Press and other Clippings discussing BGA and the BI3 Putter

  • Young Guns Tait and Podlich  Nov 89.jpg
  • In the press. BI A4 Ad 1989.jpg
  • In the press. BI Smith -Barr April 93.jpg
  • Golfers answer The BI 2  Putter Nov 89.jpg
  • John pic for article In the Press .jpg
  • Branding Iron inventor JRB cartoon pic BG.jpg