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Test, Test and Test again Minimize

From the beginning BGA has been actively involved in extensive  research for the Branding Iron Putter.


BGA has continued to review and investigate all possible developments for the Brand. Trials and testing of various designs, metal mixes, components of different materials, grips, shafts and techniques.


This has been matched with continual in-depth research of the core elements of:



These have yielded new concepts in design and innovative input toward the improvement and development of new products.


BGA has tested many Prototypes and experimented with design variations and exotic mixes of Stainless Steel and other metals. The picture to right represent some of these tests and Prototypes.

Just some of the many Prototypes tested to develop the latest BI 3 range Minimize
Hundreds of tests, trial and prototypes have led to the Precision Putting tool. The BI 3 Putter.